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Glenys Pearce

The hospitable nature of Laugharne's pubs is legendary. Indeed, when Glenys Pearce was running the former Green Dragon in King Street, a few doors away from Brown's, one visitor from England's Midlands was moved to pen a poetic tribute. Glenys, a child of the 1920s, took over the pub with husband Eric in 1969 and stayed for 12 years. Her treasured poem came from a 1970s holidaymaker whose verse may not have been in the Dylan league – but it's the thought that counts!

Glenys said: "The poem shows the importance of pubs to Laugharne. They are traditionally the real meeting places, important to local, organisations and visitors."

The Spring Bank Holiday
By Olive Lenton

Ten in the morning we arrived at Antshill,
The sun shone glorious the clouds were still,
We were ready for our holiday now winter had gone,
All ready for the sea – aunts, kids, dads and mums.

Our holiday started, we looked round and round,
We very soon found the best pub in town,
The Green Dragon it's called, owned by Eric and Glenys,
What a fuss to get ready but none to get in it.

To think a pub like this really existed,
We're all very glad that no-one had missed it,
There was telly for the kids, darts for the dads and mums,
And if you stopped very late there were even Welsh songs.

The towel never on, you could drink the night through,
To get John back to his tent was quite a to-do,
Our way back to camp along paths steep and dark,
You might know Billy Jackson was hiding for a lark!

The last night at the Green Dragon we played a game called pit,
The locals standing round the bar were sure we'd had a fit,
Where was our holiday, Green Dragon and farm?
We found them in Wales – in wonderful Laugharne!

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